Besondere Eigenschaften können alle 3 (3, 6, ...) Level ausgewählt werden bzw. alle 4 Level, wenn zu Spielbeginn die Eigenschaft 'begabt' gewählt wurde.

Level: 3 | 6 | 9 | 12 | 15 | 18 | 24

< Level 3 >
Awareness 1x, Perception 5
Gives you more information when you Examine a critter. You can see their exact amount of hit points, and what weapon they are armed with (if any.)
Bonus HtH Damage Agility 6, ST 6

Your character does more damage when using HtH or melee attacks. Each attack does +2 points of damage for each rank of this Perk.

Cautious Nature Perception 6
Increases Perception by +3 in random encounters to determine how far away your character starts from hostile critters.
Comprehension 1x, IN 6
Your character gains an additional +50% to the number of skill points earned when reading educational books.
Earlier Sequence 3x, Perception 6
Your character will be more likely to move before other characters in combat with this Perk. Each rank of this Perk will increase the Sequence statistic by +2.
Faster Healing 3x, Endurance 6
Characters with Faster Healing just plain heal faster. For each rank of this Perk, your character gains a +2 to the Healing Rate statistic.
Healer 2x, Perception 7, Agility 6, IN 5, First Aid 40%
Each rank of this Perk will increase the number of Hit Points healed by the use of the First Aid or Doctor skills by 4-10 points. The second rank adds +8-20 points per use.
Kama Sutra Master 1x, Endurance 5, Agility 5
Confers great stamina and skill when doing the dirty.
Magnetic Personality 1x, CH 1-9
Characters can attract an additional party member.
Night Vision 1x, Perception 6
Your character can see better in darkness when you select this Perk. This reduces the negative for attacking in low-light conditions.
Presence 3x, CH 6
The initial reaction of NPCs are modified by +10% for each rank of this Perk.
Quick Pockets 1x, Agility 5
The cost to access Inventory during combat is only two AP with this Perk.
Scout 1x, Perception 7
Your character can now scout a little farther on the World Map. This will increase the amount of the map you can see while exploring and make finding the special random encounters a little easier.
Smooth Talker 3x, IN 4
Each rank of this Perk will increase the number of options your character has while talking to NPCs. Basically, characters will be able to say things they would not normally be able to discuss due to their Intelligence.
Stonewall 1x, ST 6
Your character is only half as likely to be knocked down in combat.
Strong Back 3x, ST 6, Endurance 6
Each rank of this Perk increases the Carry Weight statistic by 50 lbs.
Survivalist 3x, Endurance 6, IN 6, Outdoorsman 40%
Gain 40 skill points in the Outdoorsman skill with this Perk.
Swift Learner 3x, IN 4
Each rank of this Perk adds an additional +5% to your character’s experience point total whenever your character earns experience.
Thief 1x,
A one-time bonus of +10 skill points to Sneak, Lockpick, Steal and Traps.
Toughness 3x, Endurance 6, Luck 6
Each rank of this Perk adds +10 to your character’s Damage Resistance statistic.

< Level 6 >
Adrenaline Rush 1x, ST 1-9
When your character’s current Hit Points (HP) drops below 50% of her maximum HP, she gains +1 to Strength. This can raise your character’s Strength to a maximum of 10. Lasts until the end of the current combat.
Bonus Move 2x, Agility 5
For each rank of this Perk, your character can move an additional two hexes per turn of combat. The first hexes moved each turn cost no APs. At the first rank, your character would have to move three hexes just to be charged one AP. Bonus Move APs show up as yellow lights on the interface bar.
Bonus Ranged Damage 2x, Agility 6, Luck 6
Your character does +2 points of damage per round fired with ranged weapons, for each rank of this Perk.
Educated 3x, IN 6
Every rank of this Perk will add +2 skill points when your character gains an experience level.
Empathy 1x, Perception 7, IN 5
You will get a better idea of what to say when you are speaking to an NPC when your character has this Perk. The lines of dialogue will be color-coded. It us up to you to figure out what the colors actually mean.
Fortune Finder 1x Luck 8
Random encounters yield more money. Of course, you have to take it off the cold, dead bodies of your opponents.
Gambler 1x, Gambling 50
Adds +40 skill points to Gambling.
Heave Ho! 3x
For purposes of determining the maximum range of thrown weapons only, this Perk will increase Strength by +2 for each rank.
Ghost 1x, Sneak 60%
In areas of darkness, or at night, characters with this Perk gain +20% to their Sneak skill.
Harmless 1x, Steal 50%, Karma > 49
Your character’s innocent demeanor makes stealing from people a little easier. +40 skill points to Steal.
More Criticals 3x, Luck 6
Characters with this Perk cause more critical hits in combat. Each rank adds +5 to the Critical Chance statistic.
Negotiator 1x, Barter 50%, Speech 50%
Gives a one-time bonus of +20 skill points to Speech and Barter.
Pack Rat 1x
Each rank of this Perk adds +50 lbs. to your character’s Carry Weight statistic.
Pathfinder 2x, Endurance 6, Outdoorsman 60%
Reduces your travel time on the World Map by 25% for each rank.
Quick Recovery 1x, Agility 5
It only costs one AP to stand up after being knocked down.
Rad Resistance 2x, Endurance 6, IN 4

Each rank of this Perk increases the Radiation Resistance statistic of your character by +15%.

Ranger 1x, Perception 6
Adds +20 skill points to Outdoorsman. It also makes finding special random encounters slightly easier.
Salesman 1x, Barter 50%
Your character becomes an adept salesman with this Perk. +40 skill points to the Barter skill.
Silent Running 1x, Agility 6, Sneak 50%
Allows characters to run and still Sneak.
Snakeater 2x, Endurance 3
Adds +25% to the Poison Resistance statistic.

< Level 9 >
Better Criticals 1x, Perception 6, Luck 6, Agility 4
The critical hits you cause in combat are more devastating. You gain a +20% bonus on the critical hit table, almost ensuring that more damage will be done. This does not affect the chance to cause a critical hit.
Demolition Expert 1x, Agility 4, Traps 90%
For characters that like to blow things up, there is nothing better than this Perk. Explosives set by this character do more damage and will always detonate on time.
Dodger 1x, Agility 6
Will lower the chance your character will be hit in combat by increasing the Armor Class by +5 per rank.
Explorer 1x
Will make it more likely that your character will run across strange and interesting random encounters.
Here and Now 1x
Your character gains one experience level immediately.
Karma Beacon 1x, CH 6
Your Karma ran over someone’s Dogma. Karma is doubled for the purposes of dialogue and reactions.
Light Step 1x, Agility 5, Luck 5
Characters are much less likely to set off traps.
Master Trader 1x, CH 7, Barter 60%
Makes your items more valuable when bartering.
Mutate! 1x
Picking this Perk will also make you select one of your current Traits to remove. You then get a chance to pick another Trait. Weird, huh?
Mysterious Stranger 1x, Luck 4
There is a chance (30% + (2x Luck)) that your character will gain a temporary ally, but only in random encounters.
Pyromaniac 1x, Big Guns 75%
Will make your character do horrible things with fire -- to other people. +5 points of damage with fire-based weapons.
Sharpshooter 1x, Perception 7, IN 6
For each rank of this Perk, increase Perception by +2 for the purposes of determining the modifiers for range in combat.
Speaker 1x, Speech 50%
Gives a one-time bonus of 40 skill points to the Speech skill.

< Level 12 >
Action Boy 2x, Agility 5
Will add an additional Action Point to your character’s total number of APs that you can spend each combat turn.
Cult of Personality 1x, CH 10
Will make your character’s Karma a positive modifier to all people. Everybody likes your character!
Gain Agility 1x, Agility 1-9
Increases your Agility by +1 permanently.
Gain Charisma 1x, CH 1-9
Increases your Charisma by +1 permanently.
Gain Endurance 1x, Endurance 1-9
Increases your Endurance by +1 permanently.
Gain Intelligence 1x, IN 1-9
Increases your Intelligence by +1 permanently.
Gain Luck 1x, Luck 1-9
Increases your Luck by +1 permanently.
Gain Perception 1x, Perception 1-9
Increases your Perception by +1 permanently.
Gain Strength 1x, ST 1-9
Increases your Strength by +1 permanently.
HtH Evade 1x, Unarmed 75%
If both item slots are empty, at the end of a combat turn, your character will gain 3 points of Armor Class for every unused Action Point (instead of the normal 1 unused AP = +1 point of AC.)
Lifegiver 2x, Endurance 4
Everytime your character gains a level, gain an additional four Hit Points for each rank of this Perk. With two ranks of Lifegiver, that’s +8 HP each level!
Living Anatomy 1x, Doctor 60%
Confers +20 skill points to Doctor. Since characters with this Perk have greater knowledge of anatomy, they also do +5 points of damage with every attack to living creatures.
Master Thief 1x, Lockpick 50%, Steal 50%
Gives a one-time bonus of 20 skill points to the Lockpick and Steal skills.
Medic 1x, First Aid 40% or Doctor 40%
Gives a one-time bonus of 20 skill points to First Aid and Doctor.
Mr. Fixit 1x, Repair 40% or Science 40%
Gives a one-time bonus of 20 skill points to the Repair and Science skills.
Tag! 1x
Pick an additional Tag skill.
Weapon Handling 1x, Agility 5
Adds +3 to Strength for weapon minimum Strength checks.

< Level 15 >
Bonus HtH Attacks 1x, Agility 6
Your character can make more hand-to-hand or melee style attacks per combat turn with this Perk. The AP cost to use a HtH or melee attack is reduced by one.
Bonus Rate of Fire 1x, Agility 7, IN 6, Perception 6
Allows your character to shoot a little faster. Each ranged weapon attack costs one AP less to perform.
Pickpocket 1x, Agility 8, Steal 80%
Characters do not suffer the negative modifiers for facing and size that are normally associated with Steal.

< Level 18 >
Silent Death 1x, Agility 10, Sneak 80%, Unarmed 80%
While Sneaking, characters do double damage using a HtH or melee attack if they can hit their opponent in the back.

< Level 24 >
Slayer 1x, Agility 8, Strength 8, Unarmed 80%
In HtH or melee combat, holders of this Perk do critical hits with a successful Luck roll.
Sniper 1x, Agility 8, Perception 8, Small Guns 80%
Your character will do a critical hit with a ranged weapon with a successful Luck roll.

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